Condemned woman enjoys last (chocolate) meal a.k.a Dechox for British Heart Foundation

Some people like to run marathons, climb mountains or shave their heads for charity. Not my, I don’t run anywhere because when I do I look like Big Bird from Sesame Street (picture it in your mind, you’ll know what I mean), there are no mountains near where I live and quite honestly my hair is already quite short so shaving my head wouldn’t really be a big deal.


For this reason, I decided to channel my spirit animal (which is a sloth if you wondered) and raise money from the comfort of my sofa hence my decision to give up chocolate for the entire month of March.  To me British Heart Foundation are a charity who reach everyone in some way be it through promoting healthy lifestyle so we can look after our hearts or putting money into researching heart conditions in children. They’re a great organisation and I am proud to support them.  I decided that to do the challenge justice I should first have a gigantic chocolate binge on 28th February, you know, a final fling. 2 giant Cadbury bars were consumed and I felt satisfied and yet slightly nauseous.


It’s only day 1 and I’m tired and hormonal and thinking “why the f**k did you think this was a good idea?!”. I’ve also eaten 4 shortbread biscuits that my husband kindly bought me (so much for hoping I might lose some weight during this process!). I’ll keep you updated on my progress (and tell you how many people have been murdered in the process) and if you’re feeling generous please feel free to visit my JustGiving page to donate and a very very big thanks to those who have donated so far! I appreciate your faith in me!




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